Our Commitment

Hair is undoubtedly an imperative part of our personality. People who have good hair quality are considered truly blessed while the ones suffering from poor hair quality or undergoing any hair treatment thought themselves completely unlucky. At our establishment, our company understands the value of good quality hair and the requirement of supreme quality hair for trying attractive hair styles. After knowing importance of this, our enterprise is operating actively as a manufacturer and exporter. Our modern firm makes accessible human hair extensions, human hair wigs and hair closures that are made employing quality-focused manufacturing practices. 

Our Strength & Hair Quality Assurance

Our dependable establishment ushered in 2019 believes that quality never goes last and always rests at the top. Here at our concern, each single production step, purchase, packaging and other procedures are closely inspected. We consider that quality hair solutions nurture from the supreme quality raw materials. Hence, with exercising usage of modern techniques and quality materials, our establishment has become strong in serving global customers with simply the best items. Our company serves products such as Wavy Hair Thin Lace Closure, Natural Straight Hair Full Lace Wigs, etc.

Our company follows high quality standards as well as strict guidelines. The hair undergoes through a strongly meticulous selection as well as strict quality control process in order to make sure that 100% perfect quality products are delivered to worldwide based patrons. 

We lay strong concentration on sourcing as well as inspection of raw materials. The sourcing and inspection program comprises several steps and every step is overseen by an adept team of technicians with heavy perfection. This team checks every stage to ensure superior level perfection in each bundle. Please go through cited below stages to have an idea of our quality-devoted processes:

Procurement of Natural Remy Hair/Raw Hair Qualification Inspection

Our trained personnel adheres to supreme quality standards during selection along with collection of 100% Remy Indian Hair from temples. They make sure that each bundle is safely collected from a single donor to confirm all cuticles are intact. For qualifying, the hair needs to be virgin hair, which means it neither has to be colored or chemically treated. 

Disinfecting and Washing

Hair undergoes a full cleansing process. Similar to deep cleanse, our promising establishment treats the hair with perfection to eliminate any potential harmful bacteria. In an anti-bacterial solution, hair is soaked, with the purpose to destroy presence of germs of dirt that may have remained in the hair. 

Hair is managed cautiously, and we are extremely particular in well maintaining the direction of cuticles in hair. That means, the cuticle layer of hair excellently align in the same direction, starting from roots to ends, so as to prevent tangling completely. 

The hair after this, is washed utilizing clarifying shampoo perfectly before being air-dried. Our establishment does not utilize industrial dryers for this procedure as doing so would result in harming hair by making it become brittle as well as weak. 

Hackling process

After hair are dried, we make them subjected to the procedure of hackling so as to de-tangle hair. The said process of de-tangling is carried out manually. Here in this, every single bundle of hair is subjected to mentioned process until every hair strand stands separately, perfectly creating greater bounce along with volume. 

As real human hair is uneven owing to the natural growth process, the process of hackling completely removes any form of weak, short or damaged hair. This guarantees that singularly strong hair are used in making bulk hair and wefts, resulting in supreme quality and long-lasting hair. 

Double-Drown Hair System Assurance

The word drown, is utilized for describing hair pulling through a hackle instrument. A single drown carefully depicts the first hacking of hair. A perfect hand-selection process executed by well trained personnel supremely arranges hair evenly with perfection according to similar lengths. After this, a double down, the section as well as much finer separation of hair is carried out. 

Although the mentioned process is extremely labor intensive and doubles hair price, the outcome of it is perfect results. The hackled and well arranged hair is then excellently stocked in racks of various sizes for further process like coloring, wefting as well as texturing. 

Production Manufacturing

Once hair travel the long voyage to our production then its rightly manufactured into our trademark collection of offerings. We are aided by a smart and experienced team and also well developed manufacturing unit to carry out the process of making hair extensions of superior quality standard. Hair is checked to confirm its length. We make sure our offerings are devoid of all imperfections. 

Cleanse and Thermal Deep Conditioning

Hair are washed in the best manner with PH-balanced 100% organic sulfate-free shampoo as well as thermal deep conditioned with Argan oil deep treatment formula. After this, hair is air dried so as to permit the moisture evaporate in a natural manner and assure that waves and curls are able to perfectly bounce back. 

The final complete check is carried out in our advanced quality control department. In the said department, all finished hair products are examined as well as verified manually by our heavily experienced workers. We closely examine hair to avoid serving anything that is not upto the mark. 


Hair is properly packed in a special protective bag that keeps all sorts of impurities away from affecting quality of offerings. We implement modern packaging techniques that suits international standards. Ordered products are delivered to clients living across the world in the best manner at the right time-frame. 

Our Business Structure

Owning an accurate business structure is utmost important. Knowing the same, our advanced company has put well designed plans in place to confirm that we employ extremely right human resources into right positions so that vision, objectives and goals of our concern are timely attained. 

Our establishment has created an organizational chart that assures every single employee is knowing his/her place in the organization and has awareness regarding who to report when the requirement rises. This is done in order to attain an efficient work flow and make sure productivity is not affected at any point of time. 

We remain our focus on hiring competent hands that comes with huge work experience in the hair extension industry. We select such experienced people in order to expand our hair extensions business in the successful manner. Our promising company makes sure to support right welfare and compensation packages for our employees, which are amongst the finest in the industry. 

Our Vision Statement

The vision of our establishment is to manufacture supreme quality hair extensions with unique designs and textures that can be sold commercially to retailers, distributors & private customers. 

Our Mission Statement

Our mission lies in reaching to the strongest position in the segment by serving quality marked products. We make sure our hair undergoes a high processing system so that clients obtain singularly the best from our side. 

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